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#1- Bringing over 30 years of experience in the pool business, we provide a wide range of pool chemicals, pool equipment, pool cleaners so that you & your family can swim stress free! 

#2- Pool experts work closely with customers to provide them excellent services at cheap rates. Instead of wasting time with big companies, get personalised servicing from us. 

#3- Guaranteed results! Any pool supplies purchased from us will have guaranteed results, and this is proven by our satisfied customers. 

#4- Pool testing- You can book us to test the water chemistry of your pool so that we can advise the best pool chemicals to fix the minerals and pH levels of your pool. 


Regular Pool Servicing

We thrive to provide our customers with the best deals. At Pool Perfect, we offer you cheap prices for weekly or monthly pool cleaning services. All you need to do is book an inspection here or dial 1300-720-834. One of our pool cleaning experts will give your pool a visit! 

Green Water to Sparkling Water

Why worry about algae when you can kill algae growth by buying our cost effective algaecides. Algae not only turn your pool ugly, they also affect the chemical balance. Shop our range of trusted algaecides and pool chemicals to turn your green pool into sparkling pool water with the first use. 

Pool Renovations

Instead of searching for numerous companies for pool renovations, make Pool Perfect your go-to destination for everything pool related. All you have to do is book online and an expert will give you a visit in 48 hours to devise a pool renovation plan alongside the best deal! We use the latest technology in swimming pool finishes, personalised to your needs. 

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